Clean Master APK

Clean Master Apk. It is a known truth that most of the android users all over the world know about this great tool which can be used mainly as a cleaner for your android. Over 300 million downloads all over the world has proven the fact that it is a popular among the android users. This apk was developed by the cheetah mobile in 2018 and up to now the achievement is incredible. One more important fact that the popularity of this apk is it offers to you freely by the developers. But this nature doesn’t affected for the benefits that are providing by this app.

The clean master apk can be introduced as a utility app even which provides you with the cleaning property, device boosting property and also security property.

If you take this main three properties in to count the apk I can describe as follows:

Cleaning property: this feature helps you to delete all the unnecessary unwanted, unsafe files from your device. What are these unnecessary, unwanted and unsafe files? These files include the junk files which includes cache files and cookies provided by some websites, then the rarely used audio files, video files, duplicated pictures, blurred photos, the malicious files that harm your android etc. are found by the app and ask your opinion about the deletion of these files. You do not need to spend your valuable time by finding these types of files one by one. The apk is finding all these files for you and if you do not want to delete a files that is recommend by this apk you can leave it without deleting it. But keep in mind. Need to be careful when you are selecting the files, because once you delete it there is no recovery option. So when choosing files to delete be more careful. This absence of recovery option is find by some as a weakness of the app. but if you are more careful you can avoid this small weakness even.

Boosting property: this feature of the clean master enables you to speed up your androids speed of performance. This is mainly done by freeing the RAM. But the above mentioned cleaning property is also supporting this aspect. Because a cleaner tool naturally lead to function actively. In addition the apk will speed your android by putting some applications that are running one the background to sleep.

Security property: I find this security property of clean master apk as quite a useful feature. Through this feature it provides the opportunity for us to secure some apps of our app stores by using a AppLock feature which enables us to use a app lock pattern or a pin. Then this app also helps to erase your call and the browsing history permanently. Furthermore the app will protect you any malicious files and from unsafe networks of the others.

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